Friday, January 6, 2012

Don't Forget To Smile!

What a blessed day!  It was warm - even went up to 64* today!  Wooohoooo, what a treat it was!  I ran some errands today and enjoyed the sights and sounds of day as I tooled along the roads.  Might as well have a song in your heart and a smile on your lips than be grumpy.  Some folks are grumpy from morning to night - enough to wipe the smile off a clown's face.  I'm thankful to be alive and well.  Things aren't perfect but no one's life is, I just decide to be in a good mood most days.  I prefer to let the grumps take their grumpies on down the road. Thankfully, my Sweetzie Poo is usually in a good mood, but if one of us isn't feeling up to par, the other one won't miss a beat letting the other know it's time to straighten up.  That usually does the trick.  

I finished all my books except for the last one, started it, but just didn't get all of it read.  So, while at the library today, the librarian asked me if I'd like to renew that book.  It was home but I was  thrilled that with just a flick of the wrist and few key strokes, she renewed it to the same due date as the others in my book bag.  Gotta love technology.  I asked her if we could renew the books online like some libraries do...nope, but if I just call, they will gladly renew them.  Well, that's not the latest technology, but will work in a pinch.  I'm sorta envisioning a snowfall or icy roads might keep me home - and a quick call to the library would be fantastic.  

Today is January 6 and I did something unusual today...I sat on the front porch and enjoyed the sun!  YES! January 6!  At this rate, maybe winter will be short and little green shoots will be popping out before I know it.  Yeah, yeah, I know, pushing my life down the road.  But it's just for the winter.  The rest of the year can move slower. 

Sweetz bought a box of Belgium waffle mix today.  Guess he liked those last ones I cooked up.  Of course, making them from scratch is time consuming and messes up several sets of bowls and spoons, and whisks, and the mixer.  But oh my, are they good.  My mom used to make homemade syrup for our family, so I always make a batch of hot syrup as a treat when I make homemade waffles.  Oh, oh, oh, is it ever good!  Such simple pleasures which bring a smile to the face that rivals that of a clown.  Anyway, mine's genuine!

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