Monday, January 16, 2012

Cooking with Mom

Mom and I are trying to copy a recipe we had at the Green Valley Grill restaurant a week or so ago.  Yummmmmy it was good.  So we'll trying to see if ours tastes as good. 

**** of course it will!!!!

8pm: Oh, it was very very very very good.   Mom is caramelizing onions in the above picture.  A small pot of apple cider is simmering to thicken, then there was bacon to wrap the tenderloins and goat cheese.  What a treat they were.  There's some left and I froze my portions to have another night when I don't want to cook this much. 

I opened our first jar of green beans I canned this past summer and they were awesome - rounded out the meal with parslied buttered potatoes.  The entree was yummy and nearly as good as I recall at Green Valley Grill.  But it was still AWESOME.  I'll definitely make this recipe again.  Of course the pictures don't do the meal justice, but it was a fun way to spend the afternoon and evening with mom while we cooked up something memorable. 

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