Thursday, January 26, 2012

Delete Delete Delete

Today was another "ketchup" day enabling me to cross off some additional items on my To Do List.  Yay, I love days like that.  I had an appointment this morning and it was successful, all things settled into a peaceful solution and that's the best way, isn't it?  My insurance situation was another item swiped off my slowly dwindling To Do List.  Delete...delete...delete.  Questions were answered, forms were completed, life continues. 

I met a friend in town and it was nice to spend some time with her.  Also I met a shop owner I had never met before and we chatted for a long time.  We have some things in common and it was so interesting to share some of her life.  And I even bought two things for Sweetz for Valentine's Day in her shop.  I'll keep them in a secret place until Feb 14.  Won't he be surprised - and they are unique!  He always says he's satisfied with a gift card from Lowes Home Improvement Center but still I wanted to figure out something unique - and I found it today!  I plan to make him a valentine card - some hearts, some sweetz stuff - but not too feminine, that wouldn't work now would it! 

Another stop this morning was the grocery store where I picked up  four things that were on my list.  I treated myself to a burger from Cook Out for lunch - sure was good,  and brought one home with an order of fries for Sweetz, who gobbled his up in record time - sure put a smile on his face. Nothing like a good burger.  

Reminds me that I heard on the news today that fried foods do not contribute to high cholesterol.  Wow, now that's news I can sink my teeth in.  So, guess that means I can have some fried chicken again soon.  Well, I'll try to not over-do the fried foods in my diet since that cooking method actually doesn't sound healthy, but hopefully some of the guilt will be missing when I do order something fried - like chicken wings - one of my favorite foods. With a family history of high cholesterol readings, it's been a constant battle to keep the results within normal limits. I've been on the treadmill more often lately, so hopefully that will help me lose a few additional pounds.  Tonight is another Republican Debate, so maybe I can watch that while I walk and walk and walk. 


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