Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Plans And Options

With the big Birthday65 in a few months, I've been pushed against a deadline to decide on which supplemental insurance plan to sign up with.  Not easy with all these envelopes of plans and options which have been arriving in my mailbox for months.  I have been putting them in a pile knowing one day I would have to open that Pandora's box and all the information would pour forth for me to make sense of.  Well, today was that day. 

But instead of doing the research myself, I called a friend of mine to give me a 50 cent overview...and he explained for about two hours how it all worked.  Now I think the topic is making more sense.  Sure is nice to have a knowledgeable friend who will take the time to explain. And I'm thinking a dinner would be a decent payback for the time he spent filling my brain with knowledge this morning.  What would we do without our friends!  Since I think I've conquered the baking pork tenderloin mystery, I feel that would be an awesome item to serve.  Of course, there are a few sides that would have to be thrown in, but those are easy.  Whew, it's a good feeling to have this health insurance supplement situation finally make some sense. It's a feeling similar to a floating sensation after some heavy weights have been removed.    

This morning I set out the ingredients for a batch of cookies but when I got to talking with Wil, that idea nearly evaporated.  Well, I'll probably make the batch of the cookie dough since everything is already laid out on the kitchen counter - but might stash it in the freezer to actually bake cookies a later day. 

6:00pm: Glory be...I not only made the dough, I also baked them too.  And ate a few too.  You know...quality testing!!

And today has been so pretty and sunny.  Chilly - but still a beautiful sunny day.  It's interesting how the fact that the sun is shining can make me feel more optimistic and energetic than a dreary overcast day. I started a new book:

And it's good too!!!

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