Friday, January 27, 2012

A Nifty Kind of Day

It was a nifty day for sure.  I went out once again to hunt and gather (as my friend, Vivian, calls shopping days), got everything done on my list and got the last four items from the grocery store: ice cream, provolone cheese, milk, and a brownie mix.  We are invited to a gathering Sunday evening so I need to take something for the food table and we thought some nifty brownies would be good.  Might even spend some time on the internet to see if I can find a way to enhance a brownie mix into something spectacular.  Right.

I met a friend of ours (Gene) to return a dish he had loaned us and visited with him awhile, along with promises to stay in touch.  We used to attend the same church, kids grew up together, shared many a meal and evening together, but since we left to attend another church, our times with them have dwindled.  But we always reconnect quickly when we see each other again and it's always great to hear each other's news. 

A new stack of library books are waiting for me - got six more today - and can hardly wait to start another one.  I try hard to accomplish some things around the house before I begin reading.  If I didn't, I'd probably read with dust an inch thick on every piece of furniture all around me and it probably wouldn't bother me at all. 

Saw a coworker from at least 15 years ago and we chatted a long time.  She's left the old workplace too, but now cleans houses. She doesn't look much different, amazing that I've aged but not her! Maybe I need a magic makeover!  Naah, I'll just stay as I am, after all she recognized me right off! 

Talked to our son today for quite a while.  We plan to attend a grandson's ball game tomorrow and share a meal before we head home.  We made plans to meet for a couple additional events in the upcoming weeks and it will be good to see them all again. It's nifty to be a grandparent - lots of hugs without the responsibilities. 

I have been asked to photograph a wedding this summer.  The happy couple are planning an informal wedding so that sounds like a nifty event.

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