Saturday, January 21, 2012

To Do Or Not To Do

There is a lot of stuff to review and complete around here.  Not really in the mood either.  Not being a procrastinator, it surprises me that I'm not getting stuff done that needs to reside in the "Done" pile.  Seems other things are more interesting or happily diverting my brain.  Surely this is a temporary experience that will slide later into the Back in Control state.  Right. 

Got some typing done for my volunteer job that has been sitting on my desk.  Seven pages done and I estimate there's only two more to go.  Then I can email my project to the director and get some of my own things done.  Right. Hey, it sounds good.
MainMan is playing with a computer game right now but it's lunch time and I just don't have any interest in fixing anything.  That sounds to me like a trip to some diner.  Something tells me that he won't be interested in fixing lunch - but heading out with a few buck$ in hand should allow us to fill up on something good that someone else fixed.  The clock hands have really moved slowly today - in fact, they moved more like they were half frozen.  I'm sure for others the day rushed by.  With my minutes ticking slowly, seems I could have accomplished more during this time.  Maybe my blood sugar is low accounting for low energy.  Hey, that sounds like an excuse I can fully embrace.

7:30pm: MainMan must not have wanted someone else's cooking today, but I did.  So, off I went to drive around the roads during this quiet Saturday afternoon.  I was really surprised how few cars were on the roads so I happily was able to drive slower than usual and even snapped a few pictures out the car window. 

I ended up at a diner which offers daily specials.  I dug into my plate of turkey, creamed potatoes, and tossed salad with great delight while I kept one eye in my book.  Even treated myself to a piece of apple pie!  Yummmm.

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