Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Little Bit Japanese

I met a friend for lunch today at a Japanese restaurant.  Everything begins rolling just fine as we are shown to our table.  The chef begins his show with fancy spinning and rolling and flipping and tossing...and then the raw egg which was supposed to be doing one thing flops down and breaks in the ginger sauce dish in front of my friend's plate.  OK, it's at this point that we are both splattered with brown ginger sauce from waist up, her worse than me.

Jap Chef is very embarrassed and apologizes constantly.  As he begins to regain his composure, he tidies up the egg and the ginger sauce disaster but is finding eye contact a bit difficult.  My friend heads to the restroom to clean the spots with cold water but I find I am still too stunned to move. 

Red-faced Chef completes his wipe down and proceeds to give us clean dishes, napkins and silverware while continuing to apologize.  I actually feel a bit sorry for him at this point, knowing that he knows he won't get much of a tip from this hibachi table. 

He proceeded to cook a delicious meal but is definitely holding back on his theatrics.  There were a couple of fire demonstrations which didn't make me feel very safe since I was trying to decide how I could trust him with alcohol, oil, and a match when he had demonstrated difficulty with a raw egg and a spatula. 

We were able to exit the building an hour later without further incident but I did notice he had huge burns on his hands - yipes, he might need further training before being let loose on unsuspecting diners. 

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