Friday, September 2, 2011

Keeping Things Sharp

I know I'm not an English professor...but, really!!  There's a sorta 
"friend" who is a teacher who writes online with an error in about every other sentence.  Obviously, she spends no time proofing nor cares what the world thinks of her writing.  Can you imagine what the parents think when she writes little progress notes about how Little Johnny is doing! My brain gets all twisted up and I'm ready to reply with corrections in red but I stop myself each time.  It would be understandable if there was an occasional error - but they shine like twinkle lights on a Christmas tree!  Ok, I vented.  I'm entitled.  And hopefully, I spelled all the words correctly in this blog entry.  Whew, but I feel so much better getting that off my chest.

A friend asked me to eat lunch with her today so I grabbed a shower, washed and dried my hair, and in less than an hour I was out the door.  Can't keep the working girls waiting I always say.  As I pulled up at the front door, she had someone in the nursing station call to tell me there was a code so she wouldn't be able to come out immediately. That was ok, and thankfully I had my own emergency plan... a sudoku puzzle book in my purse. So, I sat and worked one while I waited...and she saved a life.  When she came to the car, she was fresh as a daisy and off we went to a local restaurant.  Nice to know that if I had an emergency I had my own nurse at hand!  The food wasn't all that great, but it was the visit with a friend that got the high marks. 

I had some grapes for an evening snack - sweet ones too! Yum.

Our pencil sharpener died today so I put a note on the blackboard to remind me to buy a new one.  You know every good sudoku puzzle solver needs a sharp pencil!

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