Saturday, September 3, 2011

Life Can Be Stimulating

OK, here I am faced with the new working layout for the Blogger.  Bear with me during the learning curve.  Well, actually it doesn't seem too complicated, but just a new look with things in different places.  OK, guess the layout guy is happy that he got our attention.  I'm assuming the blog itself will look the same to the viewer - not sure about that, but I'll go with this for awhile, then maybe I'll change my personal preferences in a few days.  Gotta keep the brain stimulated.

For the past year while I have been an early "quitee", I've tried to avoid getting out on Saturdays.  I remember very well how crowded the stores and restaurants are so to be kind, I usually wait until the weekdays to get out.  That way the worker bees have the roads and checkout lanes to themselves. But honestly, I can't really tell the difference anymore with the traffic flow on any day.  All days seem about the same to me.  But today was a day to get out and about - the roads were calling my name.  I ran a few errands that could have waited and drove around some country roads to feel the freedom in my bones.  It was much hotter than I thought it would be - still went up over 90* today.  Drat, when will the temps stay down??? A teen nearly hit me while she was texting and driving.  Hope she made it safely home.  And a biker nearly ran right into me while he was zooming downhill turned nearly 100% around looking behind him at something! Perhaps weekday driving would be less stimulating for me! 

With the  latest tropical storm nearing the Gulf Coast, that area apparently will be hit with generous rains.  We could certainly use a bit of that if they want to share.  Of course, Texas seems to be in a drought situation, so they should get rain handouts first. I spent some years on the Gulf Coast, just two blocks from the beach in the town of Pascagoula, MS - that's located between Mobile, AL and New Orleans.  Bet they are getting hammered about now with some excessive rainfall.  Being that area is so flat, there's little opportunity for runoff - except the sandy soil is porous so that speeds drainage along.  In contrast, our soil here is predominantly red clay, so we tend to hang onto our water for a day or two which then dries from a sticky glob to a hard compact mass. Wonder if the soil is perfect half way between these two locations?  Doubt it - they probably have another soil malady to dislike. 

I read an entire book today - yep, I really really did.  Talk about grabbing my interest!!  This one was about a mail order bride situation where the bride balked - wonder if that was the first incidence of runaway bride syndrome.  I have two more books to hold me til Tuesday when the library reopens after a scheduled holiday.  We do want the librarians to enjoy their long weekend although the weather forecast sounds like we could get some much-needed rain.  That isn't the kind of forecast the workers want to hear, but we need to refill our lakes, ponds, and streams around here.  Of course, it will make for some sad fishermen on our low-level city lake and disappointed backyard grill owners.  But it's sorely needed so bring on the rain!  We can grill another day and fish another weekend. 

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