Saturday, September 10, 2011

Prepping For The Road

We're wanting to go RVing for a few days. Sounds like fun to me - get away from my usual life. We packed our little wheeled home and have reservations at a nice resort.  Life can't get much more fun.  My neighbors and mom will be looking after the place and the katz while we take our life on the road for a few days.  We packed a little of this and a tad of that - and of course, hope we don't forget the keys. 

Since we are still getting green peppers from the garden, I decided I needed to get them chopped and frozen before we left.  They will be tasty this winter. And today while I was chopping them - they  impressed me as being so obviously a beautiful Christmas holly green.  Even had two red peppers and mixed them together - reminds me of the Christmas season coming just around the corner.  Only thing missing was something gold.  Guess next year we should plant some gold ones.   Might have to start playing Christmas carols when I chop peppers the next time...

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