Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Yellow Mums Hit the Deck

Nothing much has happened around here.  Seems life has been sorta the same ole, same ole for a few days.  I spent the day with mom today - we went hither and yon and back.  I got a couple of potted mums to put around.  One is near the back door so I can see it.  The other one is off the driveway so everyone else can see it and admire it's perkiness.  Yellow mums are just so full of life! 

But wasn't always so.  I remember all my life I never cared much for the color yellow.  Why was that?  Others loved it.  Me?  Not so much.  THEN I had a cataract removed with a lens implant!  THEN I could SEE yellow for the first time.  It used to be a dull color to me, lifeless, and mundane.  But after the surgery, I could SEE the brilliance of yellow, it's perkines, it's glow.  It has never proven to be boring ever again. Not that it's my favorite color, but it has definitely moved up the appreciation ladder.  Now, I only buy yellow mums!!     

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