Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hint of Autumn

Today was a beautiful early fall day which started with a bit of thunder and a soft rain. The sky began with lavender hue and gravitated through several colors and ended with a yellow tint.  Thought it was unique but doubt my pictures captured the true color I saw, but I tried.  It seems Blogger doesn't want to upload but one picture tonight, so I'll try to remain patient.  Sigh. The day ended with a slight breeze and gorgeous blue skies.  Here's one picture which shows a bit of our early fall color as one shy dogwood tree hides her beauty behind another dogwood tree staunchly devoted to maintaining its deep green color.

I made iced tea inside for the past 3 days.  Yuck.  I was shocked at the difference the heated water method produced as compared to the smooth delicious sun tea I usually make.  Well, today was sunny enough to make a batch of sun tea and I relished the difference. Ummm -sahmmmmoooooth going down with a lasting satisfaction.  Slurp, slurp, I'll try not to make too much noise drinking this glass of tea next to me. 

I found an interesting book at the library yesterday and finished it today.  Was a good read.  Now, do I start another one?  Or play sudoku until bedtime?  Maybe I'll have time and brain power for both. 

Sweetz and I are thinking of heading out for a few days next week.  I was going to the beach with my mom this week but she slithered out of the deal at the last minute, but that gives MainMan and me a chance to go somewhere together again.  Not with the little wheeled one, this trip will have a car and motel theme.

I requested and was reinstated in a photo club that I dropped out of a couple of years ago.  Decided I missed the camaraderie and the thrill of another photo deadline.  Now that I'm a quitee (as compared to a retiree since I'm not of that "advanced" age for a few more months, obviously I will now have more time to snap away.  Sometimes I feel I have depleted any picture ideas around here but I'm sure something will pop into my field of vision just in the nick of time.  Ahhhh, also sounds like a good reason to travel to new vistas.  Sweetz just arrived in the room with maps in hand.  Must be time for some planning...  

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