Monday, September 12, 2011

A Shady Site

Well, we finally got away.  Sure is a great feeling to head to the hills in our little wheeled home.  We are at a nice CG "resort" in the beautiful state of VA.  It's pretty nice.  Heard today from a fellow camper that it had gone downhill, but they've been fixing it back up.  Has two lakes and is quite spread out with nice shady campsites.  We have a grill and a fire ring.  We were too wound up to have a fire last night, especially since the ranger on duty came by and visited with us for an extra long chat.  By the time he left, we decided to nuke something fast for supper.  

There are some beautiful scenes around here - right in the foothills of the Virginia mountains.  I've taken quite a few photos, haven't looked at them yet, but I'm sure some turned out decent enough.  The wifi here is slow, so probably won't be posting any pictures until I return home. I don't have the patience to wait that long -  gotten spoiled with Time Warner's speed.  One fellow camper was using his Verizon hot spot card and had great success with it.  Ummmm, sure makes me want one.  Might have to bite the bullet and get one.  

We walked a lot this morning after breakfast.  And we found some nice fellow campers to chat with too.  One man had been fishing for a couple of days and still didn't like the fact that he couldn't catch a "big one".  Sweetz is really hoping he will have better luck when he tries it.  It's quiet here with the little kiddos back in school, mostly us slow 'n go geezers out for some quiet life.  There's even a tv in here and it's OFF.  Man, that's got to be a first in our lives! 


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