Friday, September 16, 2011

Miles and Smiles

Well, time sure does pass by faster when you're having heaps of fun. Here I sit on the computer and enjoy the sights and sounds of the lake life.  We'll be leaving today, gotta get things unhooked soon and head back to the homestead. But I will miss it here. 

While I was sitting here on the computer this morning, a nice lady came by and we talked for over an hour.  Well, I mostly listened, but asked a ton of questions.  She and her husband are fulltimers and they've been traveling around the country for over a year and having the time of their lives.  They are Thousand Trails members and enjoying their lives.  She was looking for the laundry facilities and see where that conversation took us - all the way to California and back.  They want to enjoy all 50 states and so far have been in 28, taking their time too.  They have 6 children and they are scattered all over the country so they have hookups at each one's home and they can stay there for a week or so and enjoy the families.  How nice is that!

Sweetz went fishing for his last morning this week and he's really enjoyed that.  He just called on the cell to tell me he's fixing lunch - yum.  Nice to have a hubby handy around the pots.  Well, it will  probably be heavy on the nuking portion and light on the pots, but that's ok. 

It turned cooler last night but was warm enough in the RV and we slept comfy all night.  But now it's time to head out of here and get back to our routine daily life.  Mom's been picking our beans and squash and whatever else she could find in the garden while we were away - also feeding the katz.  Guess we'll take her out for supper one night since that's all she ever asks in return.  Well, I help her too when she goes to the lake for her getaway time so it's nice we have each other to keep a look-out on the property. 

We had a little rain last night and the weather cooled down to a nice crisp temperature.  Love it!  Hope we had rain at home since our garden sure could use it.  It will be nice to get home but I'll be itching to head out again within two days!  Now, how do I get the MainMan to experience the same itch???  He might surprise me one day while grabbing the campground books to say, "Let's go!".  Sounds good to me.  But in the meantime, I must head back to the RV for lunch and then to head down the road to our stix and brix. 

4pm:  Well, drat - we are home.  Safe and sound though, but it just means the fun week is over.  Sweetz and I unloaded our dirties and the food plus the clothes in record time.  We've got that job down to a proper science.  He wasted no time listening to the phone messages and then headed out to water the love of his life - his precious but waning garden.  Looks like we'll have fresh beans, squash, salad, and tomatoes for supper.  That's the good part.  Guess I'll thaw some meat and start lupper.  Not all of life is fun and games, sometimes a few dirty dishes clog the smiles and miles.  Oh that's ok, life could be worse.  At least I'm able to walk and breath today.  Heard today that there have been two deaths in the little country church that we have been attending.  Is God weeding us out? 

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