Saturday, September 17, 2011

Teasers and Pleasers

We still need rain around here but God isn't giving us any for some reason.  We had a teaser today in the form of hours of misty precipitation.  You'd get wet if you stayed outside for long which was accompanied by an overcast day.  But still no rain.  You know, the kind that literally falls from the sky and some ends up in the rain gauge.  But not today.  And there seems to be a long waiting list for rain dancers.  Pretty soon, we'll begin to see fake rain dancers advertised.  Maybe even cutesy rain drop outfits with cloud hats. Then there will be a demand for new rain songs.  But I'll stick with prayers. 

I see online that there some sort of idiotic protest on Wall Street near the bull.  Gracious.  What lunacy!  How is that going to help our economic matters?  Wall Street isn't creating this mess - one would have to go up the ladder quite a few rungs to find the cause.  Ok, ok, I'll get off my soap box but it isn't going to be easy. Grrrr...

Mom and I went to the big city today.  We started our day with a nice lunch at K&W Cafeteria and chatted a long time over our refilled iced tea glasses.  Mom wanted some new pants so we went to Belk where she found some she liked.  The little mother is losing weight so she's into a size 12 now.  Looking good mom!!!  I'm still hanging onto my weight - I might need it sometime down the pike... Well, sounded like a decent excuse to me.  No?  Well, give me some time and I'll come up with another one more likely to score a few points.  Postprandial, we checked out the things in Kirklands and she bought a decorative Christmas pillow.  I bought nothing, didn't see anything I liked, didn't see anything I wanted, didn't feel the urge to snag one of the bargains flashing from every other aisle.  I think I might be a candidate for Remedial Retail Therapy 001. 

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