Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Front Side of the Front

It has been such a great week here at Thousand Trails.  Nice RV "resort".  There are so many things to do here that we've been entertained all the time.  Not many people here and nearly all are geezers who like it calm and quiet.  One lady parked not far from us takes a nap outside under her awning every day.  And not a short snooze either.  We walked all around half the park today.  Checked out the miniature golf, the shuffleboard area, the horseshoe pit, the volleyball area, the basketball courts, etc.  Lots to do if we had the energy.  Something happened to my energy level after I passed 55, it got zapped to the four winds.  But we did walk again today and ended up going all the way around the big lake, took the long way too.  Up and over some hills and down the other side and around the pool and by some picnic tables.  I was sore after the first trip on day 1, but today it didn't bother me so much.  Yep, I'm getting in shape!!!  Well, at least it sounds good.

We drove around the countryside this evening with Sweetz thinking it would be nice to treat me to a meal out as a change.  Found a Chinese restaurant in this tiny town and it was pretty good.  We couldn't eat half of it so we have takeouts and will probably have the rest for lunch tomorrow.  The sky was strange today, changing from sunny to overcast to sunny to cloudy to sunny again about every hour.  Then something happened about 5'ish when a front must have blown through.  The temps have dropped quickly and no telling what it is outside now.  Last I looked it was 65*.  That's a huge change from yesterday being in the upper 80's.  Heard it would be chilly tonight, so we best be heading back to the little nest soon to warm it up for the night.  I've found myself deep into a good book, so think that's what I'll be doing tonight until the sandman rocks me to sleep.  Tomorrow we will be heading back home and it surprises me that the week went so fast.  But isn't that always the case when you're having fun. 

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