Monday, September 5, 2011

Laboring on Labor Day

Laboring on Labor Day isn't so bad when there's no laboring at work on other weekdays. So, this was just another calm day at home. We did finally have a bit of much-needed rain but only added up to 1/4". Hope more comes with the edge of Lee moving through. We can easily use several inches.

With fall coming soon, I decided to harvest what will probably be the last of my herbs for this season. Since I love to cook with herbs, I want to preserve all I can. What I have already dried will be enough but now I will be able to sprinkle to my heart's content whenever I want. Today, I picked and am air drying basil, chives, thyme, and sage. Ahhhhhh, the kitchen is smelling divine right now.

Today seemed like an egg day. So, I boiled four eggs and plan to devil them. Yummm, one of my favorite foods.

And I cut a few flowers from the backyard to enjoy inside during all the rain we hope to receive. Yeah, now I can enjoy some fresh flowers while listening to days of rain. Well, one can hope. Blogger is acting up tonight - am thinking I need to get this published and then play around with it to see if I can figure out the situation.

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