Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lost And Found

While Sweetz and I walked the trail around the lake yesterday morning, I lost my sweater.  It was chilly when we left for the walk but I quickly warmed up with the exertion of the walk.  I tied it around my waist but somehow it came off somewhere along the trail.  So, today after searching the RV and car, I realized it was missing.  Since it's one of my favorites, it HAD to be found.  Sweetz said he'd walk the trail with me again to see if we could find it.  About half way around the lake, there it was - waiting for me folded nicely on a picnic table where some nice trail walker left it for me to find.  Doesn't matter who found it, I'm just grateful for their thoughtfulness. 

We went to "town" today and had a delicious breakfast at Bob Evans and then did a bit of shopping in Michael's and a few other places. Got a few things which should help keep me out of trouble. Poor Sweetz got tired of waiting for me and went to the car to sit out my unusually long shopping spree.  Since I don't usually care for shopping, he was as surprised as I was when I found so many things that interested me.  We ended up at Wal-Mart for a few groceries and supplies that we needed for the RV.  When we returned to the campground, I fixed a nice lupper and then we went on the Search For The Sweater hike.  But that had a happy ending, so even though I was tired and hot, I was smiling - and still am.  Yeah, things like finding favorite sweaters can do that to you!  

We ended up in the Adult Building where no one under the age of 18 is allowed.  Wow, what a nice thing for us.  But there's no danger this week since all the kiddieloos are in school except for the one home-schooled kid here who is definitely no problem. We worked on a puzzle that someone had started but left the rest for the next puzzle people, unless it's still unfinished tomorrow at which time we'll grab a seat and work on it some more.  I didn't play the piano in that room today - but did yesterday - woefully out of tune with keys that don't play and the rest far off the scale.  Doesn't make playing fun when a piano is that badly out of tune.  Maybe if we return here sometime in the future, some nice soul will have it tuned.  There is a podium and hymn books and Bibles, so there must be church services there on Sundays, but it must be a strain on the ears to listen to it.  Although I'm sure God only hears the most beautiful notes.  After working on the puzzle awhile, we played a game of Scrabble - of course I let him win, but it was fun anyway. 

I finished my book last night, so as soon as I finish this, I think I'll head inside to grab a book and maybe I'll read outside in the lingering sunlit hours of the day.  It's a grand week and I'm sure having a great time.  After all, geezering is a tough job so some away time is needed to get back on track. 

I have a heavy heart for a friend of mine who's having a hard time at work, but I do want things get better for her.  Also another friend will be having surgery tomorrow so I'm praying for both of these friends that good things will come from these tough days.

Again, the wifi here is slow so I'll probably not attach any pictures until we return home.  But I did look at them and I have several good ones to remind us of our fantastic trip.  And yes, the wifi is slow, but I'm grateful for it no matter the speed.  Sweetz is fishing on the other side of the lake - just wondering if I should get the skillet out and heat up the oil...

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