Saturday, September 24, 2011

Falling For Fall

Sweetz honored our front porch
with his
BIG pumpkin
that grew as a volunteer in his garden this year.
 I couldn't help but put a smaller pumpkin by it
before I snapped a picture.

And a bit of whimsy
with Halloween candy tickling the ivories. 
They didn't play any frightening songs
--- so I ate them!

Here's some flowers
which are in memory of my brother. 
Wayne - miss you, bro!

We've been visiting another church for the past few Sundays. Guess we looked like prospective members
since the pastor and a Sunday School teacher
popped in for a surprise visit this morning! 
Good thing I was dressed.

I've decided to volunteer for the chaplain at a local hospital.  I started about two weeks ago and work from home, mostly on the computer then email the finished work to her.  She must have been satisfied with the first job I did, because she gave me three more jobs!  No rush, she said.  Whew, that's good.  It sure is pleasant working from home and working only when I want to.  And the dress code of jammies and slippers really fits my lifestyle!! 

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