Sunday, January 31, 2010

The snow is still pretty. Sweetz and I got out this morning and cleaned off the patio, steps, sidewalk, van, and driveway. Wow! Then the snowplow came by on several passes and moved the snow to the edge of the driveway. So we waited until he finished to do it the final time. Yes, I waved at him - not his fault that we have to shovel it at the end yet again. None of the neighbors have moved from their houses except our immediate ones on either side who got out while we were shoveling and drove their cars out and around the block then came back and parked and went back inside. Easy man's shoveling method - probably works as well as ours. But we got some exercise. Kept telling Sweetz we should make a snowman but we were too tired when we finished.

The snow has a crust of about 2 inches and then it's soft as cotton under that. Sweetz mentioned snow cream a couple of times so I rested a bit when we finished and then made some. It was delicious! He kept saying how good it was and wished we had some fresh strawberries to put in it. It really must have been good! Your eyes aren't deceiving you - yes, it's pink!

It's 40* here now and the sun has shone all day. I was exhausted after shoveling and took a short nap. One of the katz woke me asking for supper. They both ate and now are outside romping (ha...probably walking around finding an appropriate place for a deposit) but will be back at the door soon I'm sure.

My right wrist/shoulder/neck is sore where I threw snow over that side of my body. Ouch, feels like I'm out of shape. I warmed up the rest of the beef/veggie soup and fixed grilled 3-cheese sandwiches for lunch. I love the combo of 3 cheeses so much better than just using a single kind. Our little titmouse keeps trying to get to the suet cakes on the tree branch but a bigger gray bird keeps chasing him away. Seems to be a pecking order in the bird realm too. The little one is persistent though and will eventually get his belly full. Snow is pretty but I'll be glad if we don't get another one this year. Snow, snow, go away. Come again some other year.

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