Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lots of white frozen stuff

Well, my luck ran out - even my denial didn't work. Since I lived seven years in New Jersey which received lots of snow, I've definitely filled my lifetime desire for snow. Moving further south helped but with the trends in climate warming/cooling, this area's minimal amount of snow and ice was warmly appreciated. We've had warmer winters for several years here so now we've experiencing a swing to colder winters. (I'm a total disbeliever in global warming - duh, at my age I have seen the variations of warming and cooling to know it swings back and forth)...anyhoo, where was I? Well, it snowed last night but I can't determine how much we've received. Somewhere in the 7" area with drifts up to a foot around trees and fences. It is pretty at this stage and I've enjoyed looking out the windows as it changes back and forth from snow and sleet. Sure am glad it's a weekend and I can stay home and not have to plow through back roads to work. Mr. Weather Channel says we'll get up to another 6 inches before it quits. That's ok, I'm home and warm. There's a pot of soup on the back burner and life has slowed down to Comfortable and Relaxed.

Our son called and they are doing ok too. They have two little boys who are itching to get outside and play. Do you think they'll think to email Nana and Papa a picture? Wonder if Sweetz will get outside with me and make a snowman? Maybe we'll make snow cream - haven't done that in years since it's impossible to gather enough clean snow in a dusting). But we have deep clean snow today - no excuse this time. Yep, got milk.

Sweetz has started another puzzle. The birds are enjoying the bird feeders. And I have a free weekend with a camera. How many snow pictures can one person take?

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