Thursday, January 21, 2010

How much longer?

I got spoiled for a few days during a recent January thaw. Today it's rainy and seems so much coooolder. Not my favorite weather condition. But it's just cold rain, could be a lot worse - like ice or snow. Guess I just can't be pleased unless I was farther south so I could experience some capris and tee shirt weather.

There was a retirement reception at work today for a nice employee who had devoted 43 years. Wow, she's seen a lot of changes in her lifetime! I'm happy for her but it brings my future to the forefront and that spurs questions of when am I going to retire? Hate those questions. Today I decided to answer, "Just can't count that high" which brought the desired look of puzzlement to each face and they would move on. Whew! Now I sympathize with a young woman who's repeatedly asked when she's going to get married, or have a baby.

After work as I was getting a haircut, Sweetz called me on my cellphone and wanted to eat out. Yipppeee, I'd never turn that idea down. He got a haircut today too, so together we resembled two skinned rats feasting on a seafood combo plate.

Sweetz got his notice a couple of weeks ago to serve on jury duty. I've never served and yet he gets a summons every few years. Seems it would be interesting to see the inside view of the justice system at work. Maybe they already know I'm short on concentration or maybe they just want males. Then again, maybe I'm too young and beautiful...

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