Thursday, January 14, 2010

A matter of perspective

Whew, what a day. First I flushed the commode this morning and it overflowed onto the floor all over the bathroom. It's never done that, not sure what happened. Here I am mere minutes before needing to leave for work and I'm frantically running around grabbing old bath towels to absorb the water before it seeps through the floor to the den below. Surely didn't want to be painting the ceiling in the den! A towel in time saves a paint job! I threw each sopping towel into the tub as it got saturated. At one time I had five bath towels trying to absorb all the water. Sweetz hears me call for backup and comes running with the mop and bucket just as I had gotten most of the free water in the towels. The rest was easily captured in the mop. Then rush out the door, speed down the road, and still was 7 minutes late. Ms. Sheriff doesn't like 7 minutes late - ooooh, unless it's coming in early or staying later than the quitting bell. Oh well, another story for another day.

Then a few minutes before 4pm, I'm told that the computers are going down for backup. Ouch and just as Ms. Sheriff gives me an unfinished handwritten email to type to send to a distribution list. Sounds easy, eh? Ah, but first I must type the attachments (2) on a special letterhead that she first wanted me to design...then type the email body, then find two more attachments in separate emails that she wanted included, plus an internet link in yet another email and then combine them all into one and send to a designated contact group. Yes, she said, it HAD to go out TODAY.

Oh my, after saving each step so I didn't have to reinvent the wheel if the Internet went down, I finally had it nearly done and hit ooooops...Send... instead of...Save. Ouch, so 269 people get the unfinished email - most of whom weren't supposed to get the email in the first place. Oh drat it! So, by now precious minutes have passed (who in their right mind would be actually paying attention to the clock by this time) and I had a retraction emailed to all 269 addresses and the corrected copy with all the attachments/link emailed to the correct distribution link. I finally get out of the building without pulling down the walls on top of me. Grrrrrr...with a little bit of prior preparation on SOMEONE'S part, it could have been sent out earlier in the day. PLUS, the computer never went down while I was working on this rush job. Sometimes it's just not worth getting up in the morning...

Tomorrow is Friday, supposed to be warmer, and I need some reprieve from constant deadlines. The weekend is calling my name. Mom is wanting to look at cars, my laundry basket overfloweth, I need to begin the annual tax forms, and a zillion other things.

Ahhhhh, but it all comes into perspective when we hear the devastation in Haiti. I'll keep my troubles and pray for the safety of the people in that country who previously had so little and now need so much.

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  1. Wow!! What a day you had today. Retirement sounds better all the time, doesn't it? May Friday be a much better day.