Saturday, January 9, 2010

Favorite days

Driving to work Fri morning was a 2-mile stretch of country roads that were nearly completely loaded with black ice. Thankfully, school had been delayed so there were fewer drivers on that section. We even had a thin coating of fresh snow in the yard too, but was not visible even a mile away. Guess that makes us "special". My migraine was gone when I woke Fri morning and I was able to get alot done at work, especially since the Sheriff was out of Dodge and the office only belonged to me.

We have a woodstove in the den and Sweetz is always eager to have a fire. Sure helps with the heating bills. We have trees and neighbors and friends are happy to give us wood so they don't have to worry with it. Sweetz has kept his woodpile neat so it's actually a pleasant scene from the kitchen.

Now, it's a Saturday and a sunny one to boot. I love Saturdays, such a relief from the workweek. No schedules, no deadlines, no boss, no stress. There's a bit of snow left on the ground and with the temps we're experiencing, it might just stay on the ground for awhile longer. That's ok, at least it's not on the road. I thought about heading out to wander in a store somewhere, maybe even go to lunch and a movie. But then a few moments later, that idea vanished and I decided to stay in and bum around in my sweats. Sweetz and I have been working on another puzzle off and on during the day, just one of those lazy days that are needed to recharge your batteries.

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