Friday, January 22, 2010

Katting around

Yippppeeeee, it's Friday. It only takes 5 grueling days to make me eager to walk out for a weekend. I have made no plans for my two days off although there are several items on the to-do list but none of them lift me to the point of excitement. It's usually on a Mon or Tue night that I experience the spark but then by the weekend, that once infectious item returns to sit comfortably on the list waiting for another Mon or Tues.

My kat (yes, this one is mine - Sweetz prefers the other) enjoys snoozing on the sofa and some days I'd love to trade places with her. What a life - resting, investigating new things that come into her life, teasing me with her eyes. She doesn't realize it, but she gives hints as to her thoughts with the position of her ears, the blink of her eyes, or the movement of her tail. I like it when her tail is straight up in the air when she walks around - that means she's content. Once I saw a book on how to understand your cat but didn't buy it. I don't know enough about our katz to be able to write more than three sentences about understanding them. They are a mystery, something to study from a distance, and be accepted when their timing is right. They certainly aren't much trouble, and there's no noise unless you count those soft meows that occasionally surface. They both stand by the door when they want to go outside to take care of business and then stand at the door when they want back in. How easy is that? Oh, well, maybe I trained them to do that. Ahhhh, maybe I'm smarter than I thought.

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  1. Good job, keep up the good work. You learned a lot by reading other's blogs, didn't you? You already knew how from all the emails you send. Still think you need to write a book, maybe you can do that after you retire and have lots of time while sitting in your motorhome.