Monday, January 4, 2010

Mouse in the house

It's Monday, another fun day at work! Well, did I have you fooled on that one? One of the employees who likes crafting asked me about a macrame project a couple of weeks ago. Today she brought a sample and together we figured out how to copy it. I decided to be a bit more creative since I really didn't want to head out in our frigid temps for the "proper" materials deciding to just use stuff I had at home. Well, the picture might not be the best to see it but it's a mouse pin macrame'd from jute, beads, ribbon - stuff I had on hand. I can imagine one made as a Christmas mouse in red and green, maybe even a Valentine mouse holding a red heart with red bow or red beads on the end of the tail, a Halloween mouse with black and orange beads and maybe "BOO" spelled out in beads on the end of the tail. We thought one would be adorable attached to a gift bow, as a fridge magnet, or as a pin. I like small quick projects and this is perfect until I get bored with it. What are you doing to maintain your sanity during this cold winter?

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