Monday, January 11, 2010

Geezer math

Well, another work day over, and a Monday at that! It really wasn't all that bad...yeah right. But perserverance is the name of the game at this geezer age. You know, the age that the 40 somethings look at you with distaste and you overhear remarks that they wish the oldies would quit and let THEM take over. The answer seems to be easy...just have to have the money pile bigger than the future. So out comes the little calculator, a pen, and some scratch paper. Even got Sweetz in on the fun this time. Honestly, this financial planning gig just isn't his game. He frets and grumbles and just KNOWS we'll have to live under a bridge. Thank heaven he has me! We walk it through - kinda like the puzzles we've put together lately. One piece fits in here, make room for another, and after awhile we can actually see some of the picture forming, a bit here, some color there. Maybe it's like solving a mystery with no direction sheet.

Some of my friends have already entered into the retirement arena and appear to be doing fine. I wonder if they woke in a sweat during the night wondering how things would be. But I see them all smiles now with a slow gait. No hurry, no schedules, no stress. They all wear jeans too - you know, those easy fitting comfortable ones. Oh, and sneakers too. Nothing fancy, but boy do they look happy.

I weighed this morning. Ahhhh, 0.7 lb - not bad for a couple of days. Maybe I can add to my money pile while subtracting from the calorie pile.

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