Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Finally started

I've been wanting (that should read...NEEDing) to paint one of our bathrooms for awhile now. But I've gotten lazier. Yep, it was easier to just rush in and rush back out and not concentrate too long on the looks of the walls. Then a few weeks ago I finally ripped the wallpaper off but kept putting off painting. Oh, to give myself a little pat on the back, I did spackle and sand. That's when the doing nothing else started in earnest and the rush in and rush out became the norm. So, tonight I actually got out the paintbrush and the Kilz and painted one of the walls. A little applause here would be appreciated. Yaaaay The can only had a little left from a previous project, so was only able to paint the one wall before the can was empty. Yep, I have another can, so I should have the impetus now to tackle another wall or two in the next few nights. Surely, that's not too much to ask of myself. The question remains though - what color should I paint the walls? A friend at work suggests brown. At that moment I was thinking she meant dark chocolate. Well, you know there are lots of shades between Hershey brown and beige. There's a perfect color waiting for me on the color wheel so I should be able to find a spot of fun in the process.

Sweetz is on jury duty this week so we've been eating out. Tonight was pizza night, one of my favorites. I need to eat healthier but there wasn't anything exciting in the "light" choices. Yuck, just how many salads can one person eat? One day soon I need to get serious about losing a few pounds but it doesn't seem to be today.

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  1. Good job as usual. Hey, no one else sees these comments, do they? Hope not. I forgot to look for it last night but read it tonight.