Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Must have been the apple

I know you've heard the old saying, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away". Well, I took an apple to work today. It hung out on my desk awhile, then I started munching it, chomped away until it was gone, and then the core was flung into the trash. Hey, it worked. I didn't see a single doctor. Not a one all day. Heard them through my office door though...but they kept their distance. And I felt good today. Must have been the apple.

But I'm glad when they are in their office on days I'm sick. Don't like to interact with all the sniffling patients in their waiting room though, nor the unfriendly office staff who only want to see your insurance card and your co$pay. You feel like you're part of a cattle call, sitting on the stiff chair until the assistant calls your name. You know you're next because all the people who were there before you have already gone back - and most have already come out too. You sit, you flip through a 3-month old magazine, you smile at the little kid who's sitting on her mom's lap, you notice the dried plants dangling from ceiling chains. You're praying the entire time that you don't get the germs being broadcast from the sneezes of the patient sitting a few seats from you. Yipes, where's a mask and hand sanitizer when you need them?

But I escaped today. Wow, and it was just an apple which did it. One little red delicious apple. Should I take one tomorrow?

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