Saturday, January 2, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside

One of our katz (Calli) has finally decided to sit down on the sofa after marching nervously around the house for the past hour. Not sure what her problem was, but maybe the search is over. I put old towels on the seats to save me some work. She actually prefers to be outside but with our frigid temps, she's decided she prefers to be inside tonight. I just looked at the thermostat and it's 22 outside. That's too cold for me too.

We put a puzzle together this weekend. Only 500 pieces but with its crazy shapes, many with a nearly straight edge, it was difficult to even put the edges together. But it was a nice cold weekend project. I only ventured out one inch today, and that was to let the katz in and out for potty trips. They both prefer outdoor "facilities". That's good, because emptying litter boxes isn't my idea of a fun project. We have another puzzle - 1000 pieces. Yipes, might need help with that one.

A friend just called and invited us to their house tomorrow night for supper. Sounds like we will have homemade soup, Caesar salad, and chocolate pie. Yummy! We'll meet at church, followed by lunch together, and then supper. That's nearly a whole day with good friends. Due to changes we don't feel comfortable with, we have decided to leave our church and visit others. There are two other couples who also left at the same time so we're actually visiting churches together as a group. We've noticed that some of the churches we've visited have thought we were a pulpit committee! Toooooo funny...

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