Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Spring wishes

I've been without power at home for awhile. Now, we have power but no cable internet. Talk about having to figure out how to entertain myself during the evenings. Wow, I'm a sad case. What did I do before internet? But I've cooked a bit more and done some laundry and read a whole lot. Oh, and taken pictures of the snow and ice. Several deer were in the yard standing in the snow over the weekend so took some pictures of them. We were to have some wicked winter weather today but so far it's a no-show. Whew, I think we lucked out on this one. I'm write this on my laptop at work during lunch break just to stay connected. Ahhhh... Each night I anticipate internet service. Maybe tonight... Stay warm and enjoy your days.


  1. Hey good job while at work. Did you proof it? Think you should have. Oops, didn't mean to be ugly. Said write when you should have said writing. I know, you were just so excited over being able to blog, right? I still think you need to write a book, I think you'd do well. May the internet be back on tomorrow. Just hope the wind doesn't blow trees on the lines again.

  2. Thanks for proofreading bosho - I fixed my error. Guess I was trying to type too fast to avoid the ire of the sheriff.