Thursday, January 7, 2010

Where's my Motrin?

I took the day off today - called in with a bad headache which is still hanging on. Even with two naps, my head still feels like it's banging away inside.

The photo albums I ordered from Snapfish arrived today. The theme is beach Christmas and is adorable. I'm happy I did this rather than order 100 pictures to load in a plain album. This is the first time I've done this. The pictures can be chosen, the book cover color, plus each page layout, and the theme of the entire book. Kinda like a small scrapbook but easier - a literal digital scrapbook. Even though it took me several hours to determine which pictures and layout, the entire project was fun, and now it's fabulous to spend time looking at them. I gave mom one so all we have to do now is relive the week and share with others whenever we want.

Mr. Weatherman predicts a bit of snow tonight - hope it's not much. Sure not in the mood for tackling snow or ice on the way to work and back tomorrow. Mr. Mailman delivered my SocSec prediction report today. Not as much $$ as I want, but it's ri$ing each year I work. My brother will retire this Aug - bet he'll love his freedom!

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