Friday, January 1, 2010

Day off

I had the day off from work. Yippppeee!! That ALWAYS puts a smile on my face. Today I uploaded about 50 pictures from our beach Christmas and also a couple of other pics onto our new digital photo album keychains that our SIL gave us as one of our gifts. Pretty neat. I also spent a long time in the kitchen making sugar cookies and decorating them. Not sure why I do that, but they are good when I finish. There's still snow on the ground and will probably stay there now since the weather forecast predicts subfreezing temps for several days. Since I started the day with sniffles, I took some Vit C and some cold medicine hoping to get a handle on a cold if indeed that's what it was. Well, I'm fine now and hopefully there are no cold germs to contend with. Sweetz and I are scheduled to get H1N1 flu shots next week. Ouch...


  1. Great job. I enjoy following your blog. Ever thought of writing a book?

  2. Thanks Bosho for following my blog. What would I write a book about?