Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Life can be puzzling

Time is moving right's already Jan 6. We're sure to turn around a few times and the hot summer will be with us. Then around a few curves will be another Christmas. That's ok, I'll take what life hands me and I'll be happy to enjoy each day to the fullest. An email buddy mentioned popcorn and that was the last jolt to get me up and nuke some for myself. I've been hankering for popcorn for days and tonight was IT. With our new microwave and the vision of warm popcorn was all it took for a bag close to perfection, only marred with 6 unpopped kernels. Imagine that! Yep, ate all of it myself.

Today was a rough day at work - at least on my eyes. I had to type an exceptionally long policy into the computer and my head was about to pop with a headache by the time I left. It's not much better now, but perhaps the Motrin will start working soon. I put the puzzle back in the box and immediately Sweetz was eyeing the 1000 piece puzzle of some bears in a river. So far, I've been able to keep his attention on something else, but it won't be long before the bears will be frolicking on our table. Wonder how long it will take for us to complete that puzzle? Probably long after the excitement has worn off. Ummm, perhaps if I hide the puzzle in a closet, he will forget about it. Hey, it's worth a try. The weather seems to be cold everywhere but thankfully we are warm and cozy...but it still doesn't cloud my image of travels in an RV somewhere in the southwest after retirement. Mr. Weatherman is predicting snow here tomorrow afternoon. Bummer, would be nice if it occurred on Fri afternoon.

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