Saturday, January 16, 2010

Shiny Silver

Today as I promised, mom and I went out shopping for a car for her. I had spent a long time doing research on the internet, the car shopper ads, auto trader, etc. trying to find something suitable for her. Being 88, she didn't want a red car, or a sporty car, didn't even want a sun roof! But we found a nice car for her - a used Nissan Altima with enough dials and knobs to confuse a seasoned driver. She had me check it out even under the hood to look at all the clean engine parts. (Really now, do I look like a mechanic who knows what I'm looking at!). She even assigned me as the designated driver for the test run. I did figure-of-eights, 3-point turns, circles, speeding on the interstate, and up and down some curvy side streets. It drove like a charm, everything worked great.

So we did a bit of bargaining with the big chief and we asked to see the CarFax printout, then settled on a price they could both live with. They even accepted my demand for a tank fill-up and a car wash. Oh, and the paperwork was ridiculous! Unbelievable number of papers and she was paying cash. I don't even want to know how high the pile of papers would be if someone is getting a loan! But, that is over now. Whew, I developed a headache from the stress but hopefully it will go away before long.

She took me out for dinner in thanks. Now, I need to come up with something neat to give my friend who suggested I check out this particular dealer. Ummmm, she likes sugar cookies but we're both counting calories. Think she'd like celery and carrot sticks as a treat? Naaah, that's what I thought too!

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  1. Another great job as usual, way to go for a nice, sweet daughter. Where was Sweetz all day? Enjoying a day at home alone?