Thursday, September 20, 2012

Where Is It?


OK, the car is in Tim's garage.  He's going to install new brake pads, reduce the torque on the lug nuts, and check the fuse in the cigarette lighter. 

While out we grabbed some breakfast, picked up a few things at a couple of stores, and somewhere along the way I misplaced my library book.  I remember going in the garage with it under my SURELY it's there.  Must have put it down to do something.  Yeah, it's there...isn't it?  Do I have to pay for a replacement???   OK, phone's ringing...well I THOUGHT it might be Tim to inform me that he has my library book.  Nope.  I'm still trying to figure out where it is.  Grrrr....  The call was a telephone poll wanting to know who I was going to vote for if the election was held today.  Nope, not going to tell someone on the phone!  Anyway, she didn't have a trustworthy voice.  I made a judgment  in less than 6 seconds...and from the bottom of my gut she wasn't getting my answer. Next time maybe I should say "Donald Duck" and see what reaction I receive.   

OK, I'm off to look for the book - but I know it's not here.  Sigh. 

2:30pm:  I've been searching and thinking and calling places where we stopped this morning to locate the misplaced book.  And...  NOTHING.  I looked through the house another five times and WHAM, I remembered where I put it.  YES, yes yes   I had put it on a shelf myself.  Yes, myself.  No one else to blame for all this searching.  And it was sitting there patiently waiting for me to pick it up again and to finish the final 25 pages.  And the name of the book? 

The Waiting - sounds appropriate to me!  And I'm thankful I can finish the book and not have to replace it at the library. 

Mom called and wants me to head down to reset the answering function on her home phone - somehow she has turned the recording function off.  Who's going to look after me when I get ... old(er) and grey(er)?  OK, I'm off to get that done so I'll be ready to head out to pick up the car. 

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