Sunday, September 9, 2012

Self Help

I'm home nursing my headache.  After taking two Excedrin migraine OTC pills this morning at 7am, it is actually much improved.  I'm staying in the dim light but that's preferable to a banging head.  Sweetz read the label and it says no more than two pills every 24 hours.  Good thing he read the label, because I was going to take two more.  OK, so I'm going to keep my hands off the bottle until 7am tomorrow...and then I'll decide if I need them at that point.  Wouldn't it be awesome if they aren't needed! 

Sweetz went to church this morning and said he will be home to fix lunch for us.  How sweet is that!  It's sunny and bright outside but I'm remaining behind the closed curtains...just in case.  Don't want a relapse of severe pain.  This residual pain is SO much more tolerable.

The acorns from our oak trees are still falling.  Bing, bang, plunk, ping all over the yard and patio.  I really don't care about the yard -it's the patio that is a mess to walk on.  I have swept up a half of a large bucket.  Think it's a 10-pound bucket.  That's a lot of acorns...just on the patio.  There was a HUGE spider web out on the patio this morning and if the sun hadn't been shining on it, I would have walked right into it.  Body shudder!  A few broom flips did the trick but I'm sure the spider isn't too happy with me.  She's probably rebuilt it a few feet away - that's ok as long as it is out of my path.   


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