Sunday, September 23, 2012

Final Steps

Well, here it is about time for the sun to sink below the horizon.  That means we need to finish up gathering our things for The Heartland Express.  Most everything is together and most of that is already in the suitcases.  We each have our last minute things on the bathroom counter and hanging out in the living room all ready for the final zip right after the sun pushes over the horizon in the morning. 

I checked with another neighbor today and asked if they would do us a favor and keep an eye on the house while we're gone.  They wanted to do more, but that's really all we need.  I have a list of morning chores to do: trash out, DW run, windows checked, HW temp reduced, etc. Nothing unusual, just would be nice to see that everything is as safe as we can get it. 

We've had to postpone this trip twice already so I've tried to maintain a cool attitude so if anything presented a problem, it wouldn't knock me over.  But so far, everything is purring right along so we're thinking this third try will be a go. We had lunch with two of our favorite couples and it was such a treat to be with them.  They have both gone on several western trips so we enjoyed their suggestions and memories to put in our hats.  They are both great photographers, so they only want one souvenir - and that is a picture or two along - via emails.  And that's easy enough to do. 

Sweetz put in 50 new strawberry plants a couple of weeks ago and he's worried about the lack of rain while we are away.  To do all that he can, he has headed out to give them a good watering.  We could easily lose many of our plants and I have vowed to not worry about them. Que sera, sera.

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