Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Snip Snip

I needed a haircut before we head out west.  Figured it would be best to have a shorter and easier-to-care-for style.  So, it's shorter, it's got to be easier!! 

Tomorrow we have an appointment for new brake pads and a couple of double checks under the hood thinking this will help us to relax KNOWING everything is ok while we are away.  Well, at least that's the best we can do - to prepare.  Sweetz keeps up with most things so let's hope this does the trick.  Sure don't want to find ourselves out on the side of the road in Missouri.  We need to have the car at Tim's at 8:30.  Yep, we can do that. 

Bobbie loaned me some books to take on the trip.  I would take library books but they can only be borrowed for 3 weeks and that's going to put me a mite tight getting them back and I really don't want to have to pay late fines.  So, I'm loaded up with plenty to last me.  Ummm, might be time to look into a Nook - but want to know how borrowing books works and if it's available at our local library.  If not, it's not time for me to get one yet. 

We paid off our house several years ago
and just now have remembered
that we had wanted to have a mortgage burning ceremony. 
It was rather low-key. 
No speeches,
no banners,
no marching band. 

But there WAS a fire and there was the burning of some mortgage papers.  They were some really old ones and a copy of the cancellation - so that's done now and it felt great!  Ahhhhhh.... 

And while out there I roasted some marshmallows. 
No need to waste a perfectly good fire I say!

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