Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Keyboard Competition

We had a nice day today - Mom and I drove into town to see her financial advisor.  I remained in the car while she completed her business which was only a few minutes.  Next door to where I was parked is a business that had some jewelry and tote bags visible through the open door.  Ummm, it was hard not to head in there to check their displays.  In the end, I remained in the car but just looked.  Don't need either, but they were somehow calling my name.  Yep, I heard the pleading calls, but determined that I would remain in the car.  There also was a sign advertising campaign materials - I definitely know who I'm voting for and don't need any help with that. 

After mom returned to the car, she wanted to go to lunch so we headed out of town to a diner.  We both ordered a beef and gravy entree with mashed potatoes and slaw as our sides.  Interesting that we didn't know what the other one was going to order, but had the same choice.  Like mother/like daughter?  Probably so.  I paid for her lunch today, since she gets mine alot.  But today I beat her to the ticket.  Saw a few people I knew (Linda L, Linda W, Kathy, Barbara, and a couple of people I knew but forgot their names over the years). 

When I returned home, MainMan asked me to show him some stuff on the computer.  In the past, he has not been interested in surfing or games or emailing.  Just wasn't his thing obviously.  But he said he had been thinking about it for about a week and decided today was the day he'd ask for some serious training. 

So, we had lesson 1 -> intermediate.  And he was ready.  He zipped through them like Phelps in a swimming pool.  Just goes to prove when the mind is ready, more is retained.  Teased him that it looked like we would have to get another laptop.  Well, I do have a I eventually began using it when I was feeling the sharp pain of withdrawal.  But he got tired of sitting before he was actually finished with the computer. He said he obviously had not developed a "computer bottom" yet.  I was pleased with his attitude and his extreme grasp in such a short period of time.  I can see competition already!  And now we just might have to invest in an iPad, or laptop, or whatever is screaming our names.  

The book stash hasn't been bothered today.  What's with that!!!  The day isn't over but my eyes are shutting so probably will be heading to bed earlier tonight.  Thought I got enough sleep...hey no Self, I went to bed after midnight last night ... THAT'S why I'm feeling Mr. Sandman piling on the sand. 

MainGuy announced this afternoon (as he was perusing the internet) that there are fires in the midwest where we are planning to visit in a few weeks.  First there were West Nile Virus, a hurricane, tornadoes, flooding...thought we were safe on an amended more northernly route but now there are fires.  Maybe we should give up and plan a staycation complete with activity sessions of fingerpainting western scenes to post on the fridge.  Or sand sculptures, or possibly cacti terrariums...    

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