Wednesday, September 26, 2012

All the Way to Minnesota

We're still on our way west - Sweetz promises me that we will arrive tomorrow in South Dakota and will stay in that area to enjoy some sights.  The riding hasn't been so bad since we stop and stretch and enjoy some of the things along the way.  The land changes from very flat to a few rolling hills.  From nearly treeless with HUGE corn fields as far as the eye can see to some rock formations nearly covered in trees.  Those tractors that harvest the large corn fields aren't really like small southern farm tractors.  They are huge monsters that kick up the dust that can be seen from miles away.  There are a few cows.  Some were black and white.  While others were solid black.  Don't know the names of them.  The vast homesteads put our land to shame.  These people must be millionaires if I have a penny to  my name.  Although when I saw the farmers, they look just like regular folk right down to jeans and boots. 

When we stopped along the way, we continue to be struck by the unfriendliness of the people.  We couldn't even say much at restaurants or shops because the people are all business.  Not used to people not talking but it's ok, we just will keep moving on.

We stopped for awhile at Wisconsin Dells - a resort along the way.  It's a large place and we checked out some shops and a restaurant.  I bought a variety of authentic Wisconsin cheeses to take home.  I hope they are as good as the samples.  We tried to go on a cruise but those businesses were closed for the season. 


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