Saturday, September 8, 2012

Head Bangers

Not sure why, but as I was casually chopping some green bell peppers to freeze, I noticed I couldn't focus...and it was only a minute later I realized I was developing the "light show" that precedes one of my bad migraines.  BUMMER.  So, I stopped the chopping and hit the bed, drapes closed, sleeping mask over my eyes and waited out the migraine.  Actually, I was hoping to catch it before it developed into a full-blown one. 

I wasn't that fortunate this time, but got up after an hour and finished chopping the peppers.  Barely got the two packages into the freezer when the light show returned  WOW, it was awful.  So, back to bed with a couple of Aleves...My head's been banging for hours.  Nothing seemed to relieve the pain.  It's at the lowest point right now, but it's not good.  So, here's a farewell as I turn in to the bed and hope it doesn't bang around too long.  Would be nice if tomorrow it is gone when I wake. 

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