Monday, September 10, 2012

Planning to Plan

Wow, this evening I've been reading the blogs of numerous full-time RV travelers.  Many are making final preparations to move to a warmer climate for the upcoming fall and winter.  Makes me feel like I want to be right in the midst of the preparations and plans.  Well, we are planning to go on a trip to some states we've never visited.  It will be exciting and I'm getting anxious to begin our own preparations. 

I've looked at the average high and low temperatures for each area and that gives me a good indication of what to expect along our route.  Now, I need to turn that info into some insight into what needs to actually be packed.  I'm still leaning toward packing clothes that would allow layering.  Then the day or two before we leave, I intend to look at the 10-day planning screens to determine what Mr. Weatherman thinks the weather will actually offer us.  I still think layers would be the best solution for nearly whatever weather we experience. 

Must not forget to pack the camera!!!  There will be hundreds of pictures taken every day.  Surely.  So, that will mean some time to analyze the pictures taken each day to determine if some can be deleted.  Might as well clean out some bytes to allow at least one more photo!  Our departure is two weeks from today!  YES!  It's finally getting closer to reality.

This weekend was the pits!  Three migraines overlapping into one long continuous mire of migraines.   But I survived - although that is not an experience I ever want to go through ever again.  But we don't get our choices in some areas of this life.  I'd just as soon skip any more, but there's no guarantee to my wishes.   Things could be worse, so I plan to concentrate on the advantages. 

Since I was leery to go outside in the bright sunshine today, I remained indoors while Sweetz took down the greenhouse kit.  It's now stored safely away for another season.  I was afraid something would fall onto it and rip it apart while we were gone.  Better to be safe than sorry over something we can reconstruct at a later date. 

Mom came today to stay with me for several hours.  I'm sure she felt she wanted to remain close while Sweetz was outside.  So we sat and enjoyed some tea and chat while he cleaned the gutters and gathered a ton of acorns.  I gave mom the choice of one of my gourds from last year. They had all been washed and scrubbed of all the mold and mildew it gathers during its long drying stage. She picked out a crooked-neck one of medium size.  They are all practically the same color, although they are quite colorful while they are growing.  Sweetz has been fascinated with them and mentioned today that he plans to plants more gourds next season.  Not sure why he thinks we need more, but they grow up the fences so they don't take up any needed space, time, or effort.  Perhaps he is planning to plant a unique shape or size.  I had three types of gourds last year and I was successful at saving at least two from each variety.  The one type that's fairly round in shape with nubby bumps all over it only gave us two that survived.  Perhaps next year will be the year for all sorts of unique sizes and shapes.  I'm using them right now in my fall decor, but I don't need any more.  What will I use additional ones for?  Ladles?  Birdhouses?  Scoops? Christmas ornaments? Piggy banks?  Purses?  Key chains? Storage?!?!    The world of ideas is endless and tends to ooze into the stupid!!! Guess that's what happens when the brain is fried during these extended migraine sessions...  

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