Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 1 - Arrived Cincinnati

Over the rivers and via the interstates...and we're in Ohio. Yep, outside of Cincinnati, just like Sweetz' itinerary. A bit more sitting and driving than I'd like, but that's really the only way to get west - unless we fly.

One gas-up, two meals, one stretch break, and we're here. The miles seemed to really fly and the scenery was sure beautiful. I helped drive so I wasn't able to take a few pictures I really wanted. Oh well, there will be other opportunities for some great sites. There weren't any great shots today anyway, was just some things in order to assist in remembering what we saw. Beginning tomorrow the trip will consist of places I've never seen. Anything farther than Cincinnati is fresh and new for my eyes.

The foliage is just beginning to turn colors here,a little more than at home, but nothing extraordinary yet. The color is still just a bit early. There are also a few trees that are a brilliant red. A medium-height tree, but at 70mph, it was difficult to identify the tree at that distance. Just a single tree sprinkled in amongst predominately oaks, maples, and poplar. A little surprise every now and then. And the mountains are pretty, up and down and around. We went through two tunnels which broke up the mundane. Mundane? Naah, it wasn't mundane at all. Each mile was beautiful. But tomorrow........ new sights for our eyes. Looking forward to more surprises. What a treat!! And I'm so thankful to be able to have this chance to travel.

No complaints now...these photos were all taken from the front seat as we zoomed along. 

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