Sunday, September 30, 2012

RIP Hickok

What a neat place - Deadwood, Wyoming.  At first we weren't impressed but then we parked and walked up and down the streets and went in some of the museums that were open to the public and then checked out some of the shops.  There was a lady eating ice cream and I asked her where she bought it --- she pointed to the shop, so we made sure to stop in there.  I got a dish of cherry nut, and Sweetz chose the dark chocolate.  Mine was delicious but couldn't eat it all so he finished mine. 

There was a show in one of the saloons/gambling places so we went in there.  Not being a drinker, it was the first time I had been in one of them but it was ok.  They sent us to the poker room and we found a table.  One guy played the part of Wild Bill Hickok and he talked about his life and how he ended up at Deadwood.  Then he sat down at the table where a game of poker was being played (by volunteers from the group).  And the rest is history...I survived but Hickok was not so fortunate.  Neat show as "Hickok" was so good you forgot he was acting and got right into the storyline. 

We also drove a few miles down some country roads and found Devil's Tower since Sweetz wanted to spend some time checking out that place.  He even bought a tee and hat.  I'll save my spending money til we see Mount Rushmore, which I think is tomorrow.

It's late and we are still on MST and I have trouble knowing what time it is.  Old time, present time - my body clock is totally confused.  Gotta get some sleep now though and try to manage another day out here in the open  and wild wild west.   

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