Tuesday, September 18, 2012

In Honor of Grandparents

Sweetz, Grandma, and I went to our grandsons' school today for the morning in honor of grandparents.  The time included breakfast, a tour of some of the rooms, a demonstration of several of the class projects, and also a joint participation pitting the children with   their grandparents using the Smartboard.  That's a touch screen white board which had the students matched with their grandparents working together in a joint question and answer project.

Nathan was thrilled to show us his hurricane demonstration made from two plastic drink bottles.  There were also turtles in a cage as well as math projects displayed next to written essays.  The room was neat and colorful.  Plus the children all behaved.  I'd say each one loved having their grandparents there and each one loved the attention and showing each and every thing in the room to their family members.  

It's pouring cats and dogs today.  We don't need anymore rain but guess I'm wrong.  We must need lots more - today and tomorrow.  We should have planted rice! 


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