Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's Just The Way Things Are Sometimes

It's another day just about busted.  It was a good one though but about to end - and I'd say it was on a good note.  Might as well be because that's about all I will tolerate.  If things are down or sliding, it's time to rustle around and correct the leanings.  Life's too short to remain low. 

I fixed a nice lupper for the Prince and me.  Today's menu was ham, rice, tomatoes, and green beans.  Oh, it wasn't all plain like that - it was jazzed up so good that the Queen herself would have been impressed.  No pictures.  Why?  Well, for one thing I just didn't think about it.  That picture-taking habit needs to be jostled sometimes. And honestly I'm too eager to settle in with my fork-to-mouth activity most times. 

I received a newsy letter from my sister-in-law today.  She sent several pictures from her stay in Raleigh with her son and their two children.  They went to the Museum of Life and Science during her visit with them and seemed to have really enjoyed the 3-hour visit.  Wish she "did" the internet/email so I could keep current on their activities but we'll survive this method with a smile.   

We received a bus tour catalog in the mail today.  They offer a trip to the north central part of the country very similiar to our proposed route but we still think we'll do it our way and be able to move about on our own schedule.  We chatted a few minutes about the route and some stops, but mostly just reviewed a few sights we wanted to see and went on to other topics.  It won't be long now and soon I should pull out my suitcase and begin gathering some of the items on my list. 

We definitely need to check our list of preparations to be completed before we leave.  It's been awhile since we've been away from home for this length of time but mom and a neighbor will be checking on the house and katz so everything here should be ok while we're away.  Sure don't want any huge problems to face when we return.  We are confident that there will be a kazillion leaves on the lawn awaiting us.  We also want to get some pumpkins and a bale of hay for some outdoor decor after we return.  That way we will have travel memories plus some activities planned to help us keep  active after we return.  It will be difficult to pull myself away from looking at all the pictures I plan to take.  Yep, I have a large capacity memory card!  And I plan to fill it up if I can!    

We are having a bit of a nip in the air during the nights and it's such a treat after our long, hot, and humid summer.  I'm spending these  cooler hours wearing one of my brother's flannel shirts.  That way I stay warm and remember him at the same time.  

I walked two laps around the neighborhood again today.  Hopefully I will do this nearly every day to see if I can work up some energy plus get into Tourist Shape. 

Sweetz lit our first fire in the firepit last night and it was so much fun sitting outside enjoying the evening.  Even had some marshmallows roasted over the fire.  Yum.  He's in the den now watching TV... wonder if I should wander out to the little patio and have some private fire moments...    


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