Friday, September 21, 2012

Nearly Ready to Stuff the Suitcases

I feel pleased about how much I accomplished today.  There was the usual home duties which must be done, but there were some some extras like the ironing pile, part of the mending pile, and the hunting & gathering for our trip.  Well, SOME gathering for our trip, not all of it.  Sweetz is already packing his things into the suitcase, but not me - not ready for that step yet, but it's getting close.  Maybe tomorrow. What am I saying...I am nearly out of yes, it will probably be tomorrow.  Most everything is washed now so it shouldn't be too difficult.  I did get the camera things together and saved all the photos from various memory cards to DVDs.  Am thinking I will begin saving photos to flash drives the first of the year.  Not sure how long the ability to read CD/DVDs will be available to us.  They are cheaper than flash drives though.  Or I could check out "the cloud". 

I got my flu shot today - only took a minute to document my visit and get stuck in the deltoid.  Barely felt the needle go in - the nurse is wonderfully efficient.  I get a free shot since I volunteer at the local hospital and it is required now.  Some folk are afraid of the shot and think they get a bad case of the flu if they get the shot. Since I understand the flu vaccine consists of dead cells, not sure how that happens.  The flu they get could be one that is not covered in the antibiotics of that particular year's vaccine.  I've had the flu - I've thought I was going to die from being so sick...  I'll take the shot any day. 

Sweetz and I went on a few errands today so he could pick up this and that.  I'm trying to hold him down - don't think we need to fill up the trunk with stuff that we can buy on the trip if we need it.  He blew and raked up more acorns today.  I watered my outside potted plants today.  At this point in the season, if they don't make it, I won't cry.

I spent some time on the internet gathering info on interesting things to do along our trip route.  Lots of choices, we should have no trouble entertaining ourselves.  I washed the sheets today - and they are waiting for me to put back on the bed.  Need to get off things ta do, ya know...  

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