Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tweaking The Plans

Sweetz continues to tweak the plans for our trip west.  This third try might see the light of day.  With Isaac and the residual flooding, we are thinking we will NOT be going south to the Gulf Coast but heading to some north central states this time.  There was a definite desire to see my old stomping grounds when I was a child, but it won't happen this time.  Bet most of Pascagoula and Biloxi and NOLO are flooded.  They don't need people clogging up the roads gaulking and taking pictures of the destruction.  Hopefully we will get back to the area one day before I lose my sight and my mind. 

Sweetz and I again separated to our different churches this morning but met for lunch with our friends.  In addition to our regular lunch friends, another couple (Alma and Bill) joined us.  We've all known each other for years so we had a relaxed and fun table talk.  That Bill is quite a conversationalist and it was hard to finally give up our table. We left a hefty tip to please the waitress and allow us to stay a bit longer.  In fact it was a loooong time, but little Melissa is always gracious and kind every Sunday. 

Pat and Wil are going on a bus trip beginning the 10th to Savannah and all those sights along the way.  We've been there and seen all those places so I know they will really enjoy that.  We still want to go west to see some of the country that we've never seen.  Lots of miles, but we are adding on the years, so need to go soon before we only see life from our rocking chairs. 

I made a batch of snickerdoodles last night and they turned out good.  With an oven that doesn't always want to cooperate with maintaining a steady temperature, it was a bit of a frenzy switching the pans around to try to get the best cookies possible under the circumstances.  I ate a few while they were hot and tonight I ate a few more.  Yummy.  I plan to freeze most of the ones left so we can enjoy them for a couple of weeks.  Ummm, maybe even pack them for a treat on our trip to some north central states. 

Talked to mom tonight, she and Ruth are planning to head home tomorrow from the lake.  Mom said they were having a lightning storm there and so were we, so we decided to not talk long on the phone.  We had a bit of rain, doubt it was much from the sound of it, but it is still nice to have some as it's been on the dry side for several weeks.  I watered mom's outdoor plants this afternoon and then it rained...   

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