Friday, September 7, 2012

Thanks To My Readers

I have two readers who don't mind telling me when I goof on some spelling or grammar.  And I'm so thankful for their input.  Today one wrote to inform me I had misidentified a plant in a picture.  I read her email while waiting for two new tires to be mounted.  Since I had my smart phone, I wasn't able to figure out how to change the caption, so tried deleting the caption but it wouldn't save the had to wait until I got home.  There is still stuff to learn on that phone so about the time I'll conquer it, it will be time to update the phone!  My only excuse on the misidentified plant was that I had another picture that I was thinking of adding with that plant's name, guess I was just going too fast and wasn't thinking.  Or perhaps I could chalk the error up to senioritis.  Hey, works for me.  But, as always, I am thankful to the keen eyes of my readers and their willingness to help me.

Can't believe it is Friday!!  What in the world went with the rest of the week!  Hey, Jean - how many points do I get for alliteration??? 

Well, anyway... Sweetz and I went tire shopping today.  Went to four different places before settling on a twosome without breaking the bank.  They had the tires we wanted in stock so we sat in their waiting area while the garage boys performed their magic.  They rotated the tires, gave us one tire back to use as a spare, and before too long we were on our way.  We grabbed a quick sandwich while were were out, then ran a few quick errands before we finished our day at the grocery store.  Seems every time we head out for the day we transfer money from our hand to someone else's palm.  Easy come, easy go - as the old saying goes. 

One of my neighbors had to replace her hot water heater yesterday.  Ours is tall and thin but hers arrived in a short squatty box.  Guess that's because hers is located under the house in a crawl space.  Doubt the installers were very happy about crawling around in a dark and tight area.  Shudders... 

Then she barely gets home from a funeral after her brakes fail while she's out.  She wasn't too happy with both things happening at the same time.  But a tow truck was called and her car was taken to the shop.  She's hoping that's all the bad news she has to experience for a few months.

Sweetz and I reviewed the proposed route for a western trip. Seems we have agreed on a northwestern path with a swing toward Cincinnati, a wide berth around Chicago, a push toward Madison, WI, a tour of South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kentucky before returning to home plate.  We're not sure what sights we'll see along the route, but looks like there are lots of interesting spots to enjoy in all states.  I plan to add some photos and a few tidbits about our trip on my blog while we're gone.  Just for a bit more insight into how to dress for this trip, I checked the average temps (high and low) for each area.  Looks like jeans and jackets will be the main clothes needed.  And a laundromat about half way along the route... 

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